Happy 25th Birthday Internet

Today we celebrate the 25th birthday of the Internet in the form we know it now. The world wide web was opened to the public on August 23rd 1991. 2.8 billion people are connected to the Internet today, most of them through mobile devices. Because of the availability of affordable hardware and an ever growing network Read more about Happy 25th Birthday Internet[…]

Link to Psychology Today’s definition of stress

Psychology Today’s explanation of stress If you are interested in knowing more about stress, I highly recommend visiting Psychology Today’s explanation of stress. Visit this website (http://goo.gl/tzB4Z9). In addition, they provide useful information not only about the downsides but also the upsides of stress, short-term stress that is.

First video is live, please share

Our first video just went live. It was an interesting process to get this made and I am happy to share our first whiteboard video, to show you what we do. You can find the video on our website under http://www.mysyns/com/#video or directly on our https://youtu.be/c8KqzRM4YN4        

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Working on mockups with Sketch

Currently I am working on designing mockups for our software. And it’s been quiet a learning experience. Luckily, Sketch has a great community with many helpful tutorials. I looked at hundreds of apps and websites that were coined with best looking apps and websites for inspiration and it amazed me how many well designed applications there are. Remembering Read more about Working on mockups with Sketch[…]

A new take on stress management

Our new project focuses on something we almost all experienced in one way or another, stress. We want to help you identify and manage your stress. Stress is a normal function of the human body and it actually helps us to achieve our goals, by activating our fight or flight mechanism. But prolonged stress can Read more about A new take on stress management[…]