Happy 25th Birthday Internet


Today we celebrate the 25th birthday of the Internet in the form we know it now. The world wide web was opened to the public on August 23rd 1991.

2.8 billion people are connected to the Internet today, most of them through mobile devices. Because of the availability of affordable hardware and an ever growing network infrastructure many people that traditionally had no access to information have now this option. We are accustomed to getting all the information we want or need today, that we neglect to appreciate the impact this has on our lives. I don’t even want to start a list of things that were impacted by the Internet or the things that were invented from the ground-up because of it.

I am writing this post because without Internet, there would be no mysyns startup and my life would be profoundly different today. Not only because of the startup, but also because of all the decisions that I made based on information that I gathered online. Places I travelled, educational programs and schools I enrolled in, purchases I made, and so on.

All in all I want to say that 25 years ago on this day one of the most profound inventions in history was made publicly available empowering people around the globe to live a better life.

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