A new take on stress management

Our new project focuses on something we almost all experienced in one way or another, stress. We want to help you identify and manage your stress. Stress is a normal function of the human body and it actually helps us to achieve our goals, by activating our fight or flight mechanism. But prolonged stress can have serious health consequences. Our modern lifestyle constantly tests our nervous system, our lives have become increasingly more complex and faster paced. Most of us are so used to stress, that we do not take notice of it, letting this stress unnoticed for a prolonged time can lead to serious health problems.
The world health organization coined stress the health epidemic of the 21st century.

We are focusing and working hard towards developing a solution that helps us identify our stress and provide us with the piece of mind that someone is watching over us 24/7.
We do not want to prevent stress, or constantly worry you when you are feeling stressed, because stress is also needed to help us accomplish all the incredible things we do or overcome. But we made it our mission to help us balance our nervous systems again.

With no further ado we are presenting you with the first mockup of our app mysyns. mysyns works in conjunction with many different smart wearables, it records and analyzes your vitals and interacts with you in an engaging and fun way. mysyns can discover changes in people’s vitals months before a burnout can happen. The system gets to know you and your habits and provides you with useful information and recommendation when there is a need for it.

mysyns chat iOS keyboard

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